Road Hazzard Warranty
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Road Hazard Warranty
Optional nationwide road hazard coverage on passenger car and light truck tires is available when you purchase tires on this site. This coverage is administered by Sonsio, the nation's leading provider of automobile-related warranties. Sonsio's service provider network covers over 20,000 locations in all 50 states. Sonsio provides road hazard coverage for all brands of tires through many Goodyear, Bridgestone Firestone, and NAPA locations, plus many new car dealers, independent tire stores and auto repair facilities. Confirmation that you purchased the road hazard coverage on your tire(s) is provided by special stamps that will be attached to your invoice. You must provide this documentation when you file a claim.

What is road hazard damage?
Tire Manufacturers cover losses over which they have some control. They cover claims involving faulty materials or workmanship in the manufacturing of a tire. They have no control in the prevention of damage caused by objects in the road such as metal, glass, or other sharp objects, or damage caused by hitting a pothole or other uneven surface. A tire damaged by one of these or something similar is said to have been damaged by a road hazard. This is what is covered by the Nationwide Tire Road Hazard Warranty.

Bebefits of the Nation Wide Road Hazard Program
Free tire replacement during the first 25% of the useable tread-life of the tire --- prorated replacement after the first 25%, for the life of the tire (down to 2/32 remaining)
Free flat tire changing assistance for the first two years of coverage --- coverage reimburses you up to $50.00 per occurrence
Flat tire repair --- coverage pays up to the first $10.00
Nationwide coverage --- over 20,000 registered locations
Toll-free customer assistance line --- nationwide locator service and 24/7 flat tire changing referral service

A full explanation of the benefits, exclusions, and procedures involving the nationwide road hazard coverage is found in the Terms and Conditions.

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